Premier Milk Replacers is a low overhead, family run business that is able to bring very competitive pricing on three high quality, nutrient rich, milk powder products.

Our products are a complete milk replacer feed for rearing beef calves, dairy replacement heifers or lambs. Calf Milk Replacer products are sold in 20kg bags, whilst Novilam is sold in 25kg, 10kg and 5kg bags.  All are available for delivery in England, Scotland and Wales.

Premier Milk Replacers products are manufactured by Schils in Holland to the highest quality standards.

Feeding schedules are provided on each product page.  Please also see our guide on how to maximise calf growth rates with Calf Milk Powder via the accelerated growth feeding schedule.  If you have any questions please check our Calf Milk Replacer Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact us.

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Premier Gold
Calf Milk Replacer

A high quality, dairy protein based calf milk replacer, with a blend of specially selected easily digestible oils. Special processing ensures that the product is instantised, easy to mix and suitable for every feeding system. Premier Gold’s high biological values of 21% oil and 23% protein, will give high growth rates, where maximum performance is required.

Calf Milk Replacer - Premier Performer L
Premier Performer
Calf Milk Replacer

Our most popular product. It is a specially designed calf milk replacer to provide high nutritional values at an economic price. Top quality proteins are carefully selected from milk and vegetable sources to provide the required balance of amino acids. It is a easily digested product that stimulates the intake of concentrates and forage thereby encouraging easy weaning

Correct management produces a healthy calf with optimum growth rates.

Novilam 50 is a Schils product, brought to the UK through Premier Milk Replacers. Novilam 50 contains 50% skim milk powder (SMP) and offers an excellent quality lamb milk replacer.  This is achieved through the selection of special ingredients with very high requirements for protein and fat sources.

Quality Assurance

The selection of raw materials is based on strict specifications. Each raw material is tested at the Schils laboratory before unloading at the plant. Furthermore, a sample of each end-product is tested before shipping to our customers. Our laboratory uses modern equipment like NIRS, HPLC and AAS. Besides our GMP, HACCP, ISO9001 and ISO22000 certification.

Schils’ Quality Program is part of Safety Guard, the awarded Quality Concept of the VanDrie Group.

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