​Premier Royale provides top quality ingredients with high levels of milk protein including skim milk powder.

Premier Royale can be used for twice-a-day feeding also once-a-day feeding with water or cow’s milk.

It’s specially chosen oils and fats plus mineral/vitamin supplement makes it an ideal choice for young calves. 

Premier Royale contains Calf-Guard which contains probiotics to seed the gut with beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics in the form of mannan sugars derived from yeasts to mop up pathogenic bacteria and viruses and absorb mycotoxins. Specific proteins are present which help to prevent bad bacteria and viruses from attaching to the gut lining and thus reducing damage and leading to improved feed efficiency.  Calcium butyrate is added to stimulate gut health. 

Premier Royal is 19% Oil and 21% Protein

Improved animal performance

Increase in feed consumption

With Yeast Extract

Increase in the production of beneficial enzymes and B vitamins to boost the calf’s own defence against a broad spectrum of common diseases

Ideally suited for:

  • Getting the best growth performance from top quality calves 

  • Twice daily bucket or teat feeding systems 

  • Auto-feeding machines that do not require a free-flowing milk replacer

  • Heifer replacement calves

  • Beef calves