Vitalamb is a high fat, high energy milk powder made from the highest quality ingredients including skim milk powder with elevated levels of milk protein.


It is a free flowing milk designed for all fully and semi-automatic machines eg Britmix MilkMade 2000 machines as well as bottle-feeding.

It is the highest specification lamb milks on the market. This highly versatile milk is an excellent choice for young lambs. Premier Lamb contains egg-protein to enhance the health of the orphaned lamb.

Vitalamb contains Lamb-Guard a blend of Probiotics, Prebiotics and Beta glucans.

Premier Lamb is 25% Oil and 22% Protein

Highly palatable and easily digested

Maximum growth and the best economic price per unit

Long life and stable quality

A high content of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients

Easy to mix without lumps

Introduce lamb pellets fresh hay and water at day 4.