with Bio-Cox and

PREMIER DEFENDER is a transition milk powder designed to be fed after colostrum in the first 7-10 days of a calf’s life before moving on to milk replacer. However, it can be used throughout the entire milk feeding period if required. It is based on 100% all milk protein with the highest quality skim milk powder together with a health package designed to get the calf off to a good healthy start.

PREMIER DEFENDER has a higher oil to protein ratio more closely resembling that of cow’s milk. 

PREMIER DEFENDER contains high levels of Calf-Guard powder which is rich in specific polyclonal antibodies, probiotics and prebiotics. Polyclonal antibodies are designed to protect the gut lining from a range of harmful bacteria and virus. Probiotics/Prebiotics provide beneficial bacteria but also stimulate their growth to maintain a healthy balance in the calf`s gut.

PREMIER DEFENDER also contains high levels of mannan-oligosaccharides (derived from yeast cell walls) which have been shown to remove bad bacteria and toxins and in so doing enhance the immune response in the calf. Biocox contains a blend of essential oils with its primary role to control growth of undesirable organisms linked to calf scour and enhance the immune system.

PREMIER DEFENDER is 24% Oil and 22% Protein

Improved animal performance

Increase in feed consumption

With Yeast Extract

Increase in the production of beneficial enzymes and B vitamins to boost the calf’s own defence against a broad spectrum of common diseases

Ideally suited for:

  • Getting the best growth performance from top quality calves 

  • Twice daily bucket or teat feeding systems 

  • Auto-feeding machines that do not require a free-flowing milk replacer

  • Heifer replacement calves

  • Beef calves