Contains electrolytes, glucose, citric acid and amino acids for rehydration of the calf.

Also essential vitamins replacing those lost during dehydration and to help develop the calves natural immunity.

Contains essential trace elements for the healthy growth and development of young animals.

Includes Bio-Start a natural source of rich specific proteins and probiotics.

All bought in calves must be rested for 4-6 hours before being fed two litres of warm water containing 50g (1 scoop) of Hydrolyte. Continue to feed Hydrolyte in the milk replacer for a further 1-2 days.

During rehydration withdraw milk replacer and offer 2 litres per feed 2-3 times a day of Hydrolyte for 2 days. Re-introduce calf milk at full strength  but at reduced quantity containing Hydrolyte for a further 1-2 days.