Fybro-lyte contains high concentrations of electrolytes and natural herbal fibers and gels to help remove pathogenic bacteria and slow down the peristalsis in the gut to allow improved absorption of fluids. The gels also protect the villi lining the intestines preventing damage occurring which can have lasting effect on the performance of the animal.

All bought in calves must be rested for 4-6 hours before being fed two litres of warm water containing 80g (1sachet) of Fybro-lyte. Continue to feed  Fybro-lyte in the milk replacer for a further 1-2 days.

During rehydration withdraw milk replacer and offer 2 litres per feed 2-3 times a day of Fybro-lyte for 2 days. Re-introduce calf milk at full strength  but at reduced quantity containing Fybro-lyte for a further 1-2 days.