Please find answers to our Frequently Asked Questions below.  If you have any other queries please contact us directly and we will aim to answer.

What is calf milk replacer?

Calf milk replacer provides a substitute for cow's milk to provide the nutrition a calf needs from after the colostrum stage (days 1-4) right through to week 10 or 12 of a calf's life. Please see our overview of the benefits of Calf Milk Replacer.

How much milk does a calf need each day?

The amount of Calf Milk Replacer required each day changes as the calf matures. For a 4-6 week old calf, 2 feeds of 3 litres per day are recommended. We also have a guide on how to maximise calf growth and an accelerated growth feeding plan.

How do you mix Calf Milk Replacer?

1. Add the required amount of water to the calf milk powder at 38 - 50°C 2. Whisk briskly 3. Add hot or cold water to reach the required concentration and correct feeding temperature

What temperature should calf milk replacer be?

Calf Milk Replacer should be fed to calves at 38 - 41°C.

Does Calf Milk Replacer spoil?

Calf Milk Powder is best before 12 months after manufacture. To ensure the calf milk powder isn't spoiled store in a cool dark place. The best before date is printed on the bags.

How much is a bag of calf milk replacer?

The price of calf milk powder is dependent on: 1. The nutritional content of the product selected 2. The amount being ordered 3. The location of the delivery We offer very competitive pricing through being a family run business with low overheads. Please contact us to obtain a quote.