The most difficult stage in rearing calves is in the first week to ten days in this period many scour related problems can blight a calf’s chances of survival CALF DEFENDER aims to support and protect calves during this period.

Calf Defender is a 5 in 1 supplement for calves in the first few days of life.

  • Calf Defender contains functional proteins which line the gut of the calf and help prevent bad organisms (including viruses) from attaching to the gut lining and causing damage. Problems of scour which occur in the first few days of life (birth to 10 days) are generally related to Cryptosporidium, Rotavirus, Corona virus, E coli, and other gram-negative bacteria.

  • Calf Defender contains a massive level of probiotic (billions) of good bacteria to completely dominate the gut flora and maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria over bad. 

  • It also contains a prebiotic (MOS manna oligosaccharides) which are specific sugar molecules which attach to bad bacteria and take them out of the gut encouraging a better balance between good beneficial bacteria and bad ones.

  • Calf Defender also contains beta-Glucans to improve the immune response when challenged with disease. 

  • Bio-Cox which is a blend of natural plant extracts and essential oils to help restrict the multiplication of the cryptosporidium oocytes responsible for causing Cryptosporidium.