Bio-Start Plus is a 3 in one supplement for calves in the first 14 days of life.

When to use: –


  • When having problems with nutritional type scour in the first few days of life.

  • Bio-Start plus is also ideal for feeding after antibiotic use to re-establish good gut flora.

Bio-Start Plus Contains.


  • A massive level of probiotic (billions) of good bacteria to completely dominate the gut flora and maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria over bad.

  • A prebiotic (MOS – mannan oligosaccharides) which are specific sugar molecules which attach to bad bacteria and take them out of the gut and again encouraging a better balance between good beneficial bacteria and bad ones.

  • Beta-Glucans to improve the immune response when challenged with disease.

Feeding Instructions


  • Days 1 to 14 – 3gms (1 scoop) twice a day (am/pm) in cows’ colostrum/milk and milk replacer so each calf receives a total of 6gms per day.

  • After Antibiotic use feed for 5-7 days with each calf receiving 6gms per day.

  • Each 1.2kg bucket will feed 14 calves for 14 days


* If you suspect Viral/Crypto type scours then change to Calf Defender for the first 7 days and continue with Bio-Start Plus for the following 7 days.