Feeding modern high quality calf milk powder can result in higher growth rates, and can be more cost effective when compared to feeding whole cows milk.

Calf milk replacers can achieve higher growth rates through being:

  • Easier to digest: The ingredients and composition are specially designed with the digestive system of the calf in mind. Milk replacers have less fat than whole milk, and the fat is encased in protein with added vitamins and acids.

  • More nutritional: The powder is highly soluble in water allowing the calf to take in all ingredients to get the most nutritional value from the milk.

  • Earlier weaning: High consumption of concentrates produces faster growth rates, resulting in the rumen developing faster to enable earlier weaning

  • Guaranteed quality: Milk replacers always have stable quality and are rigorously tested through quality systems and certifications (HCCP, GMP, ISO, UFAS)

Please see our guide on how to maximise calf growth with calf milk replacer.

Calf Milk Replacers also have economical benefits:

  • Lower costs per litre: Premier Milk Replacers products are competitively priced, please phone for a quote

  • Lower risk of disease: Feeding milk replacers prevents the transfer of diseases from cow to calf e.g. para-tuberculosis

  • Convenience: Milk replacer can be fed at any time of day

  • Less effort: Using a milk replacer saves labour and time when using an automatic feeding system

  • Longer shelf life: Milk replacers can be stored for up to 12 months

Premier Milk Replacers offer a comprehensive range of high quality milk replacers to suit most calf rearing systems at competitive prices. For more information, please contact us.